About our website

This site has been designed with W3C accessibility guidelines in mind. This means that this website meets most, if not all, of the standards required to have a fully accessible website regardless of any disability visitors may have. Please see below for information:

Text size

The coding of this site allows for the visitor to choose from multiple different text sizes depending on which the visitor finds most comfortable. To change the font sizes if you are using Internet Explorer/Netscape Navigator please use one of the links below:

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Clicking on one of the links this website will store a small file on your computer (called a cookie) that will remember your settings. If you find that after you navigate away from this page the font size returns to normal then please check your cookie settings.

If you are using one of the more accessibility compliant web browsers like Mozilla Firefox then please choose the stylesheet you would like to use from the View menu.

Screen Reader

This site has been designed without the use of layout tables. This has allowed the prioritising and ordering of information to allow screen readers to provide the most understandable website possible.


All images in this site have alternative text to ensure that if they fail to load, for whatever reason, or if someone is viewing webpages with images switched off they can still make sense of the page.


This site uses CSS for both the style and the design. This allows for a very forwardly compatible website that is easily updated to meet any new disability standards or laws.

External Links

Hafal cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites or pages.