The Connect for Recovery Project

Welcome to our Connect for Recovery page where we’ll be updating you with the progress of our new project to create an online community for people in Wales with a mental illness and their carers:

Latest updates:


Research and Development – February 2016

What will we be doing?

We are designing an online support network which will be made for and led by service users and carers dealing with serious mental health issues. The portal will be in Welsh and English and promote recovery by including services such as, a forum, current news feeds, recovery tools and sign posting to local services.

Why are we making it?

At this current time there are no social media platforms that address either serious mental health issues or are available to Welsh speakers. Furthermore the portal aims to address the loneliness and isolation experienced by many people in Wales affected by mental health issues. The service will help all users connect to other individuals to help create new friendships and community links.

How will we do this?

We will begin by developing the project with a small group of Hafal users who will help to design how the site will look and what it will contain. This will then be released with access through a website and a smart phone app. The portal will remain moderated and eventually be regulated by both staff and service users. Once we have a small and functioning community we will push the release out across all of Wales where it people can access it in over 100 community venues such as libraries, schools, hospitals and local projects. This will include workshops and support to help as many people as possible connect to the service.

Where will we do this?

The portal will be based in Wales but it will be possible to access from anywhere. Initially the service will be advertised and offered to Hafal service users and carers, and access will spread to over 100 local sites throughout the 22 counties. We will ensure that people in rural areas also receive support and local access to the service by making the portal is accessible from libraries, schools, hospitals and many other local settings.

Who will be involved?

The project will be led by Hafal in partnership with the National Centre for Mental Health. The main prospects will be service users and carers and we hope to deliver the service to at least 1350 people, through cooperation of at least 50 other organisations.

When will we achieve this by?

We will achieve this in three years by ensuring we complete the following targets.

Year one

·  Develop an app with at least 25 service users.

·  Make contact with Mental Health services and advertise the service. 

·  Launch the portal. ·  Identify the 100 venues for its placement over Wales.

Year two

·  Promote the new service and hold workshops to demonstrate it.

·  Establish the 100 portals across Wales.

·  Market the service.

·  Evaluate the service and survey its use.

Year three

·  Continue the ongoing monitoring of the site.

·  Continue the ongoing marketing, workshops and identification of new venues.

·  Complete a final evaluation of how the service has delivered its promises.