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We use cookies (small text files stored on your computer) to ensure you get the best experience from our website. More information on cookies can be found at or the Information Commissioner’s website Full details of the cookies we use are below:

Content Management System

The system we use to create webpages relies on cookies to work. These cookies store no personal data and only facilitate the operation of our website. Without them, this site would not function.

Measuring our visitors

We use a system called Google Analytics to get an impression of how uses move through our website. This system uses cookies to log what pages visitors look at and at what time.

No personal information is attached to these cookies and there is no way for us to identify individual visitors from these.

What this does allow us to do however, is see how users navigate within our website and determine which features they use most often. This allows us to create content that is of interest to you.

Facebook and other 3rd party cookies

Services such as Facebook provide the ability for us to place ‘Like’ links or similar on our pages. To do this we take some code from the service and place this in our website. Note: we have no control over this code.

It is possible that this code stores cookies about you and what you are looking at. We do not have any access to this information, nor do we have any agreements with these services to dictate how they use it.

If you are concerned about what data these services may be capturing and how it may be used, we suggest you get in touch with them or read the terms and conditions of their service.


All images in this site have alternative text to ensure that if they fail to load, for whatever reason, or if someone is viewing webpages with images switched off they can still make sense of the page.

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