Hafal Pembrokeshire helps people with serious mental illness and their families to work towards recovery. All our services are underpinned by Hafal’s Recovery Programme which empowers clients and families to take control of their lives and achieve recovery.

Hafal’s Recovery Programme is a modern approach to dealing with mental illness.

As an organisation managed by its members – people with experience of serious mental illness and their families – Hafal has drawn on many years’ experience in dealing with serious mental illness to make the Recovery Programme as effective as possible.


What’s the Programme about?

Hafal’s Recovery Programme isn’t just about medication or other therapies which deal directly with symptoms. These can be very important, but mental health is built on much broader foundations.

For any one individual the biggest step to recovery may be finding a place to live, getting a job, establishing a good relationship with their family… usually there are a set of different things which are important to an individual’s recovery.

This is where Hafal’s Recovery Programme comes in. When individuals experience serious mental illness, the Recovery Programme offers them a more methodical way of improving all aspects of their lives.



How does the Recovery Programme work?

The Recovery Programme encourages you to take a “Whole Person” approach, looking at the following areas of your life in order to move forward:

In the process, the Programme covers all aspects of Hafal’s local service including:

  • Referral
  • Induction
  • Planning and action
  • Review
  • Managing services
  • Wider empowerment


Hafal Services in Pembrokeshire

Tenby Resource Initiative (TRI)

Tenby Resource Initiative (TRI) project is a resource and activity centre, with a drop-in facility.  In addition, the initiative also facilitates outreach activity groups in the community.

The Centre aims to provide a range of activities and courses, including practical and emotional support for service users from Hafal staff and their peers. The resource centre also supports people to access support for their daily needs by inviting guest speakers and forming links with services in the local community.

St. Asaph

Trafalgar Road


Tel: 01834 844177

Email: tri@hafal.org


Hafal 24 Hour Supported Housing Domiciliary Care Service

Hafal Gloucester Terrace is a 24 hour Domiciliary Care project.  It provides temporary supported housing designed to meet the needs of those who experience serious mental illness (SMI), have complex needs and require high levels of support.  The project enables occupants to establish a safe stable home in the community and are supported to develop life skills to maximise opportunities for independent living and integration into the community.

A referral from the Community Mental Health Team to Project Managers.

Michelle Miscisz – Service Manager

Tel: 01437 763 346

Email: gloucesterterrace@hafal.org


Ty Hafal

Ty Hafal Project consists of a Core House which is a shared supported accommodation for four occupants and outreach floating support to a fifth occupant in an additional satellite flat.

The project aims to provide supported accommodation to individuals who experience psychiatric illness to such a degree that they need a supportive and rehabilitative environment to help enable them lead a full life while working towards recovery and integration into the community.

Service manager – Michelle Miscisz

Tel:  01437 765961


Seibiant Service

The project provides respite breaks for carers through provision of 1:1 support sessions to the person experiencing serious mental illness.

A Ladies Group session takes place every Tuesday 10 a.m. – 1p.m. at the Tenby Resource Centre.

Service Manager – Abby Roberts

Tel: 07814 756336

Email: abby.roberts@hafal.org


Pathway Service (Carers Support Project)

Supporting Carers of individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses. The service delivers 1:1 support to the Carers who are identified as needing this type of intensive support or have requested a visit from the Hafal member of staff and a Carers Group ‘Friends & Family’ on a Thursday afternoon.

Rachael Bird – Family Support Worker

Mobile: 07970 435965

Email: rachael.bird@hafal.org


Hafal Crossroads Services In Pembrokeshire



If you look after or support someone with an illness or disability and you require help, support or information, go to the Hafal Crossroads website to find out more about our Crossroads services: http://www.crossroadsmww.org.uk/


Pembrokeshire Carers Information and Support Service (PCISS)

The information and support service for unpaid carers in Pembrokeshire.  If you would like information or support for carers please contact PCISS or visit: http://www.crossroadsmww.org.uk/pembrokeshire-carers-information-and-support-service/

Tel: 01437 611002

Email: PCISS@hafal.org


Short Term Respite Care (STRC)

STRC provides short term replacement care to unpaid carers of adults in Pembrokeshire waiting for a Carers assessment.  This improves the Carers quality of life, prevents breakdown and enables the Carer to continue their caring role.

To discuss eligibility contact Pembrokeshire Carers Information and Support Service

Service Manager – Abigail Roberts

Tel: 01437 764639


Supported Living Scheme (available through Hafal and Hafal Crossroads services)

This service supports people with physical needs and/or mental health needs to remain living at home.  Referral is through the central Social Services system.

Service Manager – Abigail Roberts

Tel: 01437 764639


Domiciliary Home Care

The Regulated Service will be delivered in people’s own homes.  In consultation with the individual, support is tailored to assessed needs.

The Service operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The support service could include:

  • All aspects of personal care
  • Support with hobbies or activities
  • Support with daily living tasks
  • Shopping
  • Medication

Service Manager – Abigail Roberts

Tel: 01437 764639


Direct Payments and Private Purchase:

This is available for all the above Hafal Crossroads services (except PCISS which is free to access).  All respite/supported living services may be available on a private basis.  People can contact us to enquire about availability and individual requirements

Service Manager – Abby Roberts – 07814 756336 email: abby.roberts@hafal.org

Care Planner – Kelly Edwards (Mon – Wed) 01437 764639  email: kelly.edwards@hafal.org

Office: 01437 764639


Children’s Services:

Throughout Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion Hafal Crossroads provides bespoke support to Families of children with additional needs. These services are delivered by highly trained staffing team and coordinated by Hafal’s Referral

Community Children’s Nurse – Emily Thomas

Tel: 07970 432997

Email: emily.thomas@hafal.org


Download the local information leaflet 


Hafal is supported by:
Pembrokeshire County Council
Pembrokeshire Local Health Board