How to get a Great Care and Treatment Plan (in-house certified)


These are links to the non-accredited,in-house certified version of the “How to get a great Care and Treatment Plan” course. For an Agoredaccredited version of this course please click here.

Hafal provides a format for certificates for this non-accredited version of the course free of charge (with a space for the provider’s logo) so that the training provider is able to issue a certificate of completion on its own recognisance. Please email us at

Other forms of certification are not permitted. Learners must be informed of the route being applied (accredited or certificated) before course commencement.

Please note that the course is not suitable for use in part only.


Click here for:

·         Overview and Tutor notes

·         Training slides (this links to a PDF; for a PowerPoint file email

·         Workbook

·        Care and TreatmentPlanning Guide

·       “Get with thePlan” Guide