Substance Misuse and Mental Health Problems

Many people have to deal with both substance misuse and mental health issues. People with substance misuse issues and mental health problems can find themselves in a negative cycle: substance misuse could be a result of, or a coping mechanism for, a mental illness; alcoholism and drug use are both shown to have a negative effect on mental health.

Statistics from 2014 show that half of people with drug dependence were receiving mental health treatment – and adults with drug dependence are now twice as likely as the general population to be using mental health services.

However, with the right support and treatment, people with a substance misuse and mental health problem are able to take positive steps to get their life back on track.

These are some useful links to organisations can will help with co-occuring substance misuse and mental health problems:

CAIS provides a range of services to help people recover from addiction and rebuild their lives, including residential treatment and rehabilitation, counselling, peer mentoring, supporting people in their homes, assisting people back into work or education, group work and other motivational interventions. CAIS also offers a comprehensive range of training courses, together with training and support for employers.

With decades of experience in drug and alcohol detox and rehab, CAIS now offers a suite of medical and effective therapeutic services for people with experience of alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction and other harmful behavioural conditions at Hafan Wen, Salus Withnell Hall and Parkland Place.

Addaction provides support to adults and young people in community settings, in prisons, in residential rehab and through outreach.

Barod offers free and confidential support and guidance to anyone who is affected by drug or alcohol use, either their own or someone else’s; raising awareness about the ways we can all help to reduce the harm caused by substance misuse.

Kaleidoscope provides a range of support to people with drug and alcohol problems and tackles the stigma that people with drug, alcohol and mental health issues face.

For more information on services in your area please visit Dewis Wales.